Posted by Randall Smith

We met to worship God yesterday, and I truly feel He was honored and glorified.  Annette Drake, our Music Director, was out of town, so Jay Gambrell led the singing in both services.  Rhonda Hesson sang a beautiful special, followed by me preaching a sermon from Philippians 2:9, entitled “Fearing God’s Name.”  This was the beginning of a new series I’m preaching on Sunday morning’s called “Fearing God.”  I believe, as a whole, the church has lost its fear and reverence for God; and the evidence of this is apathy, indifference, conflict, neglect of worship and attendence, and ungodliness.  I brought out some of the Hebrew names for God, and revealed their meanings, to show how all of us should respect, fear, and revere His powerful and holy name.  At the conclusion of the service, we all were grateful to have Wade and Becky Rainey to join our church family, by way of letter from another local church.  Wade and Becky are former long-time members of WPBC; who at one time left for several years, but now have returned, and we’re glad they have come back home.

The Scrap Iron Boys featuring myself, Gary Alexander, Jay Gambrell, Mike Harbin, and Ron Phillips sang Just When I Need Him Most.  I then preached a textual study from Revelation 3:1-6, on God’s message to the church of Sardis.  God said that church was alive (By way of salvation), but dead (By way of being like a bunch of sleeping zombies).  I challenged the church in this message that we all need to wake up spiritually, because we don’t know when our Lord is coming back; therefore, we must always be watchful, alert, and ready.

If you are reading this blog, I would encourage yoy to listen to my messages on this same website.  God bless you!

Pastor Randall Smith