Posted by Randall Smith

We had two great services yesterday in our church.  In the morning worship, the choir led by Annette Drake sang “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” and I preached a message with the same title.  It was a sermon on the sovereignty of God.  I mentioned that because of His sovereignty we can be confident in His ultimate victory, and Satan’s eventual defeat.  The message revealed, because God is eternal and lives outside the spectrum of time, the victory is already won; but because we are on this side of eternity and are living within the spectrum of time, that a battle with the devil rages all around us.  But, I gave good news that one day, He will avenge us from the enemy; and no matter what we may be going through in this life; in the end, it will all be alright.  The sermon also said because He is the sovereign God, He will be with us in the midst of all storms; and that we can have security with our never-dying soul.  I said, because of this assurance, we can all go to bed each night and say “It is Well with My Soul.” 

God blessed our services yesterday.  I want to encourage you to visit us.  We would love to have you, and may God Bless you!

Pastor Randall Smith