Posted by Randall Smith

We had two good services yesterday, as always; however, we were off in attendence due to so much sickness, with a good number in our church suffering from colds.

In the morning worship, our choir sang “Living for Jesus,” and then I preached the fifth and final message in the “What Does God Want for Christmas?” series, with a sermon from Genesis 4:1-5, called “What Did God Get for Christmas?”  I brought out the fact that I believe God appreciated both gifts from Cain and Abel; but He liked Abel’s better, because it was given sacrificially.  I then mentioned that we all should give our lives to God.  Giving Him our service, heart, love, and witness, is indeed giving Him our life; and I said that we should give Him our life genuinely, sacrificially, and faithfully.  He gave us the greatest Christmas gift, His Son; and we should give Him our whole life in return.

In the evening service, the Scrap Iron Boys, featuring Jay Gambrell, Mike Harbin, and myself sang “He Paid it All,” accompanied on the piano by Bonda Owens, and then I preached a topical message from Galatians 4:1-7, called “In the Fullness of Time.”  It was a textual study on God sending His Son, at the right time in history, to be born of the virgin, to redeem mankind who was bound for hell.

Again, it was two great services of worshipping the Lord our God at WPBC.

Pastor Randall Smith