Posted by Randall Smith

What does the Bible say about worry?   Worry is something that effects us all.  Each and every one of us are troubled at every side.  So, how do we handle it?  Do we ask Charles Stanley or Billy Graham?  Certainly, they among others would give great advice; but our greatest source of help is in the Word.  Therefore, the question then, is what does the Bible say say about worry?

In order to answer that question, I will ask four more questions.  First of all, “Why do we worry?”  We worry because of weak faith.  The worrier distrusts God and His Word.  An acronym for the word faith is “Forsaking all in trusting Him;” and that indeed is what all of us should do.  We also worry because of Satan’s deception.  He messes with our mind, and the worrier is mastered by his/her circumstances. We must face our worries, and not let Satan intimidate us with them.  The second question is “What do we worry about?”  A lot of times we worry about things that have already happened, which is water under the bridge.  In other words, it’s in the past, and nothing we can do about it.  And then sometimes we worry about things that inevitably will happen.  There’s no need to waste time worrying about what we can’t control.  And then finally, we often worry about things that may not or will not ever happen.   Most of what we all worry about never happens anyway.  The third question is “What will worry do to us?”  I believe there are at least four things.  It will disturb our sleep, distress our health, distract our walk, and diminish our hope.  And the final question is “How can we overcome worry?”  We can overcome worry by developing a right attitude with our mind; and forming a right relationship with our Lord.  All of us as Christians should read Matthew 6:25- 34, where Jesus taught us how we can and should deal with worry.  Matthew 6:34 says, “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Suffiecent unto the day is the evil thereof.”  Worry doesn’t do us any good.  The opposite of worry is faith.  With that in mind, let’s all just remember that with God on our side, it’s all alright, and therefore we have no need to worry about anything.

Pastor Randall  Smith