Posted by Randall Smith

God is so good, and He blessed us yesterday with two wonderful spirit-filled services.  In the morning worship service, we recognized Mrs. Terri Blackston with a plaque for 18 years of service as the sexton of our church, from 1994 to 2012.  Terri faithfully cleaned our church through all these years, and did a great job.

I truly felt the power of God’s presence, and the freedom to proclaim His Word in the morning service.  The Lord led me to preach on His attribute of holiness.  I told of three stories in the Bible which reveal how holy He is.  The burning bush experience in Exodus 3:1-6, where God said to Moses in verse 5, “…Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet; for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”  I mentioned that everywhere we stand in life, we’re on holy ground, and therefore should revere, fear,  and respect our Lord.  I then told the story of David having the ark of the covenant moved from the house of Abinidab to the temple, in 2 Samuel 6:6-9.  In that story, we saw a man named Uzzah grab hold of the ark to keep it from falling off an ox-pulled cart, and as a result, died.  I mentioned that even though he had a good intention, good intentions are not good enough.  He touched the holy ark, when God clearly revealed to His people that that was forbidden.  We must respect the holiness of God, by obeying His commands.  God wants respect, not good intentions.  And then we looked at the story of Isaiah seeing a vision of God’s glory in the temple.  The closer he got to God, He realized how holy God was and how unholy he was.   I said to my church family, we all need to draw nigh to God, and see how sinful we are, and our need to repent; and at the same time, discover how holy God is, so we’ll be moved to genuinely worship Him, and faithfully obey Him.  I said, this kind of approach to God; can, and will be the beginning of a revival in our church.

I closed the service at the altar, as pastor and leader of our church, with a declaration of war on the devil, who is so fiercely on the attack of all families and churches.  We are praying for, anticipating, and looking forward to God pouring out His power upon us in the upcoming community revival at New Hope.

Yesterday was a good day at WPBC, and to God be the glory!

Rev. Randall Smith